Do you eat ice cream with a fork?

I was wondering if anyone else did.

Answer #1

I eat it with a knife ^^ cut the ice-cream!!

Answer #2

haha, how creative! I eat ice cream with a spoon, but I’ve got nothing against forks! lol that’s a very creative method. :D

Answer #3

I have eaten icecream with a fork. I don’t make a habit of it though. When I was younger, I used to try eating soup with a fork. I kept wondering why it way always gone by the time I raised the fork to my lips! We barely ever used spoons though, so I had an excuse. In the end, I used to try flicking it up to my mouth, which got slightly more in. But made a mess. In the end I was told. :(. Stupid adults spoiling my fun!

Answer #4

I use a spoon for almost everything, basically anything I can pick up with a spoon I use. forks bug me. stuff falls off them all the time. and what the f*ck. peas are impossible to eat with a fork. anything that rolls sucks. and ok, I guess the fork with icecream eaters dont like melty ice cream cause how do you get all the melted icecream when youre using a fork? meh. SPOONS RULE !!!

Answer #5

I eat just About everything with a fork :)

Answer #6

sometimes I use a fork! its fun actually. And sometimes I like to get a knife and cut it!

Answer #7

Sporks count, but how do you eat icecream with chopsticks??

Answer #8

does a spork count?

Answer #9

No you eat ice cream with a spoon. Anyway, why would you want to eat ice cream with a fork?

Answer #10

all the time! yay im not alone! spoon users! ahahah!

Answer #11

YES!! or chopsticks

Answer #12

You should try it. It kind of works better.

Answer #13

yep. I eat everything with a fork:)

Answer #14

I use a fork, lol

Answer #15


Answer #16


Answer #17

Not yet.

Answer #18


Answer #19

no I use a spoon

Answer #20


Answer #21

^^^yeah, what jello sed!!!

Answer #22

Pfft Spoons are for losers! ;D

Answer #23

I do occasionally get a wild streak- and use a fork to eat ice cream.

Answer #24


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