ice cream vs. popsicles

why is it that I cant eat popsicles when my throat is gettin sore/sick and it hurts yet I am able to eat ice cream?

lots of people have told me that one..but why? I dont see the difference.

Answer #1

Quite simply, because ice cream has ‘cream’ in it.

When you consume milk or cream, the end result is a mucus-like coating in your throat, which acts as a lubricant, easing the soreness… to a degree.

Answer #2

Ice cream is creamyyy. Smooth

Popsicles are like icicles, flavored ice.

See a difference? :)

Answer #3

wOw bigstupid.. that was really stupid!

Answer #4

popsicles to me is like frozen juice

Answer #5

Thanks for reminding me about my ice cream!!! ^_^ I totally forgot about it!

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