What happens if you only eat ice cream for one whole day?

My friend went a whole day and only ate two bowls of ice cream and I want to know how your body takes it when you do this cause I am getting scared for my friend and I don’t want her to hurt herself! So, what happens when you do this?

Answer #1

Well when eating two bowls of ice cream without eating anything else for the whole day, that’s not good. Your friend could get sick and possibly gain weight. I wouldn’t eat ice cream all day myself for I probably get sick. I don’t know your friend’s situation, but, talk to her and help her out. She needs help and, you wouldn’t want to see her hurt which I agree.

Answer #2

Unless she’s diabetic, doing this for one day and one day only isn’t going to hurt her that much. Only eating ice cream will slow her metabolism down some, and since it’s mostly sugar, it will be hard on the digestive system not having fiber to aid the process.

Anyway it’s not very healthy, and she shouldn’t make a habit of eating only ice cream. Ice cream is a great treat to enjoy every once in a while, but has no vitamins or nutrients and shouldn’t be a regular part of the diet.

Answer #3

some people are used to eating ice cream all day. they just get brain freeze

Answer #4

oh, she only eats like three bowls of ice cream a day…

Answer #5

Not a single thing will happen except her mouth was happy when she was eating that ice cream. If she just does it for one day, its not a big deal at all. She’ll be okay. If she makes a habit of only eating ice cream though for her whole life, she’ll probably get sick. But at least there are so many different flavors of ice cream. Today, I ate strawberry ice cream in a bowl. Then, I ate chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone. Ice cream is delicious and its got vitamin D and calcium in it like milk does. The strawberries in my strawberry ice cream are healthy. anyways, dont worry about your friend. She will be fine. :D

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