do you belive in heaven and/or hell?

why/why not? just wondering.

Answer #1

yes, I believe in both because both are real. yes you can say that there isnt proof but hello HOLY freakin BIBLE! I believe in heaven & hell because the Bible says so.. you cant just believe one part of the Bible and not the others. I believe it frm the beginning to end. the whole taco. ;)

Answer #2

No. I strive* to only believe in things there are actual solid evidence for. And given that, even the term “believe” is a bit of a misnomer.

  • I think I’ve achieved it, but it’s always possible I have unexamined, irrational beliefs. We humans tend to believe all sorts of crazy things.
Answer #3

I believe in Heaven and I believe in hell. I believe that those who have done very wicked things will be punished for it. I believe that those that accept the gift of eternal life go to heaven.

I know people have been trying to disuade us from believing as we do, but I find that faith makes me happier, and I have some personal proofs in my own life that God is real. No they would not stand up in court, but I believe. I don’t think it’s luck or that there could be so many coincidences. Not exactly as I prayed.

I believe that the bible is the work of man, but inspired by God. And I don’t think God would allow His word to become so corrupted that everything we know to be true would be wrong.

Answer #4

There is a heaven and a hell…may not look like it does in the movies but real…hell is a place where there is NO God imagine it pain of being separated from God forever…that’s no place for me…or anyone else… let’s see Heaven a place where there are NO tears… I believe these are VERY REAL PLACES planet earth is where we make our choices to believe in God or not…then when we die, we go where we have chosen what choice will you make? hint:read the bible start with the book of John…that’s the new testament…I hope you make the right choice..

Answer #5

According to the sages(not sure) HELL is what we are living today. This early life, we living, we couldn’t find a perfect happiness, everything we desire or we achieved is just temporary. Like our body, a temporary place for our soul, if we want to go or feel heaven rather, we have to live in accordances with GOD premises, we should live with goodness, considering not ourselves but others human being., HEAVEN (the life after death), a place with no sorrow, hate, scorn, anger.etc. to go there is not easy, we have to mold ourselves here in physical living with goodness… step by step

(HEAVEN’S is in our heart…, we could only feel and live with it when the times, we clean our sin body)

Answer #6

no I dont I mean theres no actual proof

Answer #7

yes..cause I believe in god..

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