What is heaven and hell?

Me and my mum were talking about it a few days ago.

and she doesnt believe in god anymore, she hasnt gone to church since she was little, and she believe to an extent.


she doesnt think theres a heaven and hell.

she believes that when your living, its hell. but when you die, its heaven, you have no more pain, no more bills ect.

and that sounds right…

what do you think?

like… is someone isnt big on religion, doesnt this sound like a good answer?

Answer #1

Simple: One either believes what God says in his Word or not - accept or reject, either choice has consequences.

Answer #2

I believe heaven and hell are real and people go there after death based upon whether they accepted or rejected the gift of life from our Savior Jesus. There are consequences to our actions whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not. If you know who Jesus is and you still refuse to accept the sacrifice He made, well you will find out when you get there.

Answer #3

its to bad she has lost her faith, God is real, jesus died on the cross for our sins.we all sin and always will sin. read the bible, its true there is a hell and without jesus you will be there .

Answer #4

I’ld have to agree with cheddex, not to sound crude There’s many religions, pick 1 & stick to it, that’s the way I see it Do what you feel it right.

Answer #5

If you learn to appreciate the present, life can be wonderful. The people who talk about the present being hell have not learned to really appreciate their finite nature. Heaven is a pipe dream that will never arrive. When you die, you simply cease to exist for the rest of eternity. Now is the only time you have to enjoy existence.

Answer #6

Life is what you make of it. Anyone who considers life Hell needs to work on their outlook. Indeed some things in life are terrible but some things are also wonderful. Your outlook on life will depend on if you dwell on the bad parts or the good.

Assuming an atheistic materialist outlook death is neither good nor bad; it is simply not existing. With no awareness there is neither pleasure nor pain. We fear death because we have a survival instinct but from a purely logical point of view there is no reason to fear death.

Answer #7

Cheddar, I hope you understand the prophecy that you were refering to.

Answer #8

lol wow you people are so brainwashed in to believing what you have been taught you cant see past it.

Answer #9

Well she’ll find out when she dies I guess…

Ummm both are just a place you go to when you die. But, its your choice.

Answer #10

a bunch of lies

Answer #11

There is a difference between being religious and being a Christian. I know there are a lot of people that attended (or still attend) church and do all the “right things” but they are not saved. Salvation is based on faith not by works.

My father also believes in life is hell and death is heaven. I do not. If life is hell than what justice is there for those that are hurt by other humans? God is a just God and he will judge those people.

Answer #12

I know how hard it can be because I went to church practically my whole life. Listen, the way you think about god, heaven, hell, angels etc isn’t but fantasy. Your not thinking realistically.

You keep thinking of this magical god with mysterious powers that you cant understand.

babies are very suceptable to whatever you tell them in fact they will believe anything you tell them. You can impress anything on a child and they will believe it, if you continously condition a person at that age to believe in a religion they will more than likely continue following it for the rest of their lives.

God isn’t who you think he is. Neither are angels, devils, and everything else you read in the bible.

You are not thinking for yourself. You only thinking about things the way you’ve been taught to think about things.

Every single human being on this planet is just a very very advanced biological living program. The only thing that is actually real is your mind.

When everything boils down to it your just 1 and 0’s and that is the truth.

Answer #13

We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body, when we die, our spirit lives on. Our body goes back to the ground, where it came from.

Our spirit man, has to answer to God, for the deeds done in the body, whether good or bad, we are judged by the light that we have, if we know about Jesus, and refuse to accept his sacrifice for our sins, then, we stand condemned, there is no other sacrifice that can be made, and we cannot attone for our own sin. The bible says that sin requires a blood sacrifice, and Jesus shed his blood, for us. Once and for all.

Nothing else will be good enough. Nothing we can do, will be good enough.

To understand the blood sacrifice, one has to understand how God views sin.

He wants us to understand how terrible it is, that it is not to be taken lightly.

It is very weighty, indeed.

Answer #14

Here’s what I think.

I think that there is a huge misconception to what the bible is all about. For one the bible isn’t just one book. It is a collection of writings and letters put together to make the bible.

The writings are 2000 years and older. I want you to think about something, words and meanings change. There are tons of new words and meanings even now within this last century. 2000 years ago people had a completely different view of the world and things in it.

Everyone thinks that the bible is all about mysterious god like powers and magical miracles…

But if you take a closer look you can see something else. You have to keep an open mind when you do or else you won’t see it.

I went to church my whole life since I came from out of my mothers womb and I believed everything they taught up up until a few years back. It’s when I started to free my mind by keeping it open. When I did this I started to see things in a while new light.

For one Heaven is synonymous with the word Sky, its basically just another word for it.

Now if heaven is suppose to be a perfect place then why can this happen? Read the following…

Revelation 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels

WAR IN HEAVEN??? Hmmm what’s going on here? Isn’t haven suppose to be a perfect place?

Think about it. That’s just one of the many things that not many people take a closer look at.

Everyone has been conditioned to accept that the bible is completely GOD’s Authority and it is not to be questioned…

Ask your self this question.

What if a president or king wrote a collection of laws and told everyone that these words are his authority and are not to be questioned?

That would mean he’s a dictator…

Follow the white rabbit and you’ll end up in wonderland…

Answer #15

I’ve been following Jesus since I was 18, so unlike cheddarfix, who’s had a good think about childhood faith and rejected it, I needed a re-look at childhood faith and took it on as an adult. I agree with filletofspam that life right now is not meant to be hell. For some people it is, if they are in war zones, famines etc. For the rest of us it’s more about how you look at it.

My mum used to say things like: ‘Don’t go looking for insults, because you’ll only spot them’. She believed that if you dwell on the positive side some of the bad things seem less significant, and the good things make your life better. Now she’s in hospital with cancer and that way of thinking is still making her incredibly positive. I believe there is a real heaven and a hell, but that they are both after death. Right now, our duty and pleasure is to make the best choices in our present lives.

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