Where can i find hair thinning shears?

Ok so I already cut my own hair
but now I want to thin it
I cant find hair thinning shears any where?
I already tried Wal Mart- Meijers, Cvs , Walgreens
you name it.

where do you think I could get some

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Thinning Shear: http://internationalcutlery.stores.yahoo.net/6thsh.html

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Just go to a hairdressers and get it done? It's probably safer than doing it yourself as I'm assuming you haven't used them before and haven't been trained? But supermarket and paramisits won't have them, your best bet is to look on the internet. Ebay might have some? Hope this helped x

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you can also just use a regular razorblade, it does the same job.. the thinning sheers just look cuter haha. but yeah, sally's beauty supply will most likely have them.

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If you can find a hair place like Sally beauty supply or something they would have them. You could also ask someone in a salon, they would know.

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