Do you want your own clone?

Do you want your own clone???why??

Answer #1

I dont think it would be such a good idea because having two of me would mean havign to share everything I have with this other me…

Answer #2

Haha, sure! It would be like having a twin, but seventeen years younger. I’d know what his food preferences are, how tall he’d be. I’d know that he’d never need glasses, and will be devilishly handsome [if I do say so myself].

It would be easier than raising another child, because I would know what to expect.

Answer #3

I guess it’d save me a lot of time, and would spare me from having to do things I don’t want to.

But that wouldn’t be fair to the clone, now, would it?

Ultimately, I think it violates human rights. I mean, imagine what the poor clone must feel, being a copy of someone else?

Nah, I’m fine with there being one of me.

Answer #4

Yes. I would either keep it somewhere too use it if I get sick and need an orgar, sort ot like and insuarance. A lot like the movie the island. Or I would just have it as a twin, becasue with clones there is no garuntee that it will have all of my exact looks and personality.

Answer #5

Yh.. Deffo.. because when tyms gt hard they cud deal wit sum f d prblms… and it wud b knda Kewl Lmao x

Answer #6

A clone is still legally a person. It would be like raising your own twin. No thanks.

Answer #7

dont want.I am the special.I dont wish hv the second.

Answer #8

nope I wouldnt want my own clone. 1 of me is enough in the world.:)

Answer #9

yes where I dont have to do things

Answer #10

yes because then it would be like an oppurtunity to re-do my life

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