If you could clone yourself would you?

if you cud clone urself wud u? and what wud you use your clone for?

Answer #1

hell no, because if he was anything like me, he’d kill me and take my spot, lol

Answer #2

I wold clone my self so if I was famous I wold sit at home will the clone did the hard work lol

Answer #3

yes it WUD be very hard my fingers dont have the ability to type the words as written in the english dictionary.

terribly sorry ol’ chap. but if you cant understand my question dont bother clicking into it to answer thank u;)

Answer #4

I would lock her up and not let her out so if I died I could still be here mwahahaha… lol no I wouldnt. I am an individual and plan to stay that way :)

Answer #5

not that I am at all religious, but you have to think that the clone would be exactly the same as you, with the exact same feelings, so if you made it do bad stuff is that any different than doing it to a normal person? is it different than slavery?

Answer #6

I will leave it at this, wouldnt everyone love to have a clone of themselves, an extra person that knows everything and loves everything that you love? play games, live life, shoping etc… come on who wouldnt… I know I would.

Answer #7


Answer #8

No way!! How would the clone feel? And I would also not really have my own identity…

Answer #9

to brake up wth my boy friend 4 me

Answer #10

No, that’s not what God intended.

Answer #11

yea I would when I dont feel like doin anything and it has to be done my clone would go and do it for me lol oh and good come back to the dude that has the issue with your typin!!! :)

Answer #12

I would love a clone just to do everythin I didn’t want to haha :]

Answer #13

if I cud clone myself I deffo wud, because I wud send my clone in to work,lol

Answer #14

This is not Wheel of Fortune. Vowels do not cost extra.

Would it really be that hard to actually write your question in english?

Answer #15

Household chores! except any clone of mine wouldnt exactly love to do this stuff, so uhm?

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