What should our government do about it?

Answer #1

Why is cloning bad? Because some book of made up stories like the bible says so? Well the bible doesnt mention anything on cloning, so even if you do believe in these fairytales then you still don’t have a reason to think cloning is wrong.

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Answer #2

This is a very vague question. You might need to narrow it down a little bit for us. Cloning is nothing new. Farmers, for instance, have been cloning grapes for thousands of years, making many European varieties genetically identical to grapes grown in 2,000 BC. Trees are commonly (sometimes exclusively) propagated through cloning as well, using grafts that have the same DNA as the original.

Many zoos and breeding programs are working on using cloning to bring extinct species back to life, and have already met with great success, though they are still a long way off from resurrecting an entire genome.

But I think what you’re referring to is using cloned human embryos in order to grow and research the medical benefits of embryonic stem cells and whether or not the government should ban the practice on ethical grounds. Personally, I don’t think it is “bad” because I do not consider a cluster of cells to represent a viable human life, nor do I consider the enormous medical and humanitarian gains to be made through such science to be anything short of mind-bendingly monumental.

Answer #3

hmmm I don’t know I never really had a deep thought about cloning …thinkingstill_thinking…ahhh!!!

Answer #4

well what point are you trying to make about cloning ?…=/

Answer #5

well, basically? that its bad and it should be banned. lol

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