Do you have your navel pierced?

You answered two of my questions about belly button piercings and I was wondering if you personally have your belly button pierced or if you just know a lot about it??

Answer #1

yes i have my belly button pierced…it hurts but it all depends on the tolerance of pain u can handle….if u can handle like a 3 on a scale one to ten.. u will be able to handle getting ur belly pierced..

Answer #2

Yup I do, I have a very high pain tollerance.

Answer #3

I have my belly button pierced, I just got it yesterday, it didn’t hurt until afterwards, but I think my piercer pierced mine too high so just make sure you see where the holes are going to go.

Answer #4

Yeah, I have mine pierced. I’ve had it for about 5 years.


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