How cool does a bottom navel piercing look?

I really want the bottom navel done but is it cool? or (no offense) ‘chavy’? I quite fancy a bar with spikes going through it ? ideas guys ! btw, I dont have my top navel, only want the bottom.

Answer #1

If it appeals to you, then definitely get it. It doesn’t matter what others think you should get piercings for yourself. Make sure you get it done professionally. Good luck

Answer #2

There’s nothing “chavy” about piercings. Don’t get them to look “cool”, get them because you want them. I think the idea of a bar with spikes going through it sounds very awesome. If you really want it done, go for it. It’ll be fine as long as you have it done professionally and take care of it.

Answer #3

I will thanks:) and defo proffesionally!

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