Should I Get The Inferior Navel Piercing?

I’m thinking about getting the inferior navel piercing! Its where your bell is pierced at the bottom and the top, I’m trying to find a good picture but no luck ! If anyone has theirs done or has seen it. Tell me do you think it looks good?? Or no

Answer #1

yeah it looks good. I’ve also seen people with three belly button piercings, the normal one, and two at the bottom sides, to overall form a triangle shape.

Answer #2

I’ve got it done like that, and I love it. It takes a bit longer to heal, and you have to be extra careful with it, but I think it looks much better than the traditional navel piercing.

Answer #3

I have this piercing…its my main picture…its a fun piercing :)

Answer #4

I think it looks awesome. if you like it, get it done

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