navel piercing bruise a month after getting mine pierced?

is it a serious issue that I noticed there’s some bruises like a purplish mark around the wound after a month of having my navel pierced?

Answer #1

no, its not supposed to look bruised purple/black means the skin is dead/dying si if its purple you need to go back to the pircer or see a doctor

Answer #2

thats NOT suppose tahh happen, make sure you get it looked at by a professional dont want anytingg gone bad(:

buhh don’t panicc either,

Answer #3

it’s just bruised think about it a needle went through a place it’s not supposta. mines about a month old. you probably hit it a little mines just bruised, if it gets worsed go back to the peircer

Answer #4

does cleansing it with sea salt helps?

Answer #5

yes cleaning with sea salt will help keep it clean and heal faster. I recommended spraying some BACTINE on it. it really helps keep it healthy., and everyone saying that it shouldn’t look bruised probably don’t have piercings. Mine after 4 months still kinda of look a little bruised. like I said it’s a wound, being healed. it happens(:

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