Do sperm have brains?

When a male ejaculates into a female does his sperm know where to go by insticts or does the male have to like shoot it into the direction

Answer #1

sperm are cells and they have nuculi. not brains.

most sperms don’t make it to the egg, that’s why there are thousands of sperms in one ejaculation. the more sperm, the better the chance of making it to an egg.

Answer #2

They are drawn towards the hormone the egg releases. They dont have brains because they are a cell. They dont have noses or a sense of smell. The closest thing to a brain a sperm has is its nucleus. Also they dont have a mouth like some people think, they have a digestive enzyme at the top of their head which helps them get through the egg.

If they just blindly swam upwards then no one would get pregnant because they have to turn into the correct fallopian tube where the egg is. Although some do go into the wrong one… LOL

Answer #3

it travels very persistantly to try to attach itself to an egg but I dont know if I would say it had a brain. but it does know what to look for. so I guess I kinda could have a brain. huh. you got me with this ?

Answer #4

No it doesn’t have a brain. It only has one job and that is to get inside of an egg, it basically is programmed to do it.

Answer #5

fau is pretty close in saying they can “smell” the egg but in actuality the follow hormones to the egg, they do not have brains but the nucleus senses the direction of the particular hormone and uses the tail to guide itself to the egg

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