Does Cell Phone radiation cause brain cancer?

I got a forwarded chain mail sometime back saying studies hve confirmed that cell phone radiation cause cancer?

Is it true? Should I stop using cell phones or is it a hoax email?

Answer #1

Unlikely. In theory non-ionizing radation is not energetic enough to change the structure of molecules unless it is powerful enough to cause heating (like a microwave oven works). Cell phone transmitters are low power and to extend battery life further reduce their power to the minimum necessary to communicate to the nearest cell tower. The frequencies that cell phones operate on also are less efficient at heating tissue than those used in a microwave oven.

Studies that compare the cancer rates of heavy cell phone users with others have been inconsistent; some indicate a relationship while others don’t. Even in studies that show a correlation there is nothing to show a causal relationship between cell phone use and any form of cancer. For example people who use a cell phone > 4 hours/day may get more cancer than other people because they have more demanding jobs, are under more stress, or because eating on the run causes them to have a worse diet.

There are still studies going on to determine if low-power non-ionizing radiation can cause health problems but for the time being there is no good reason to believe that cell phone use is injurious.

Answer #2

it is true, but unless you have your phone on your ear for 4 hours a day, it probably has little effect, if your worried, get a bluetooth headset

Answer #3

every thing can cause cancer 2day.. like breathing in pollutated areas,eating bread,leaving your cell phone in your front pocket, going outside, and millions of other things…

Answer #4

You are more likely to get cancer from your home phone, Television or Computer than you are a cellphone. . . .

Answer #5

No. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the theory that cellphones have any sort of indirect health effects. There have been studies done, and they have failed to find a correlation.

Answer #6

yes. and tumoours come on…phones havent been around that long everyone just started using them without knowing any better just like sunbeds now quite a few years later there realising that these things cause seriouse problems also if you happen to keep your phone in yout pocket near your genitals for a long time (years) it can affect your fertility as well …bottom line is there not something that we know a great deal about

Answer #7

Not true.

Answer #8

no it doesnt

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