Do naicin pills work

Do naicin pills work on the same day of a drug test?

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Not on the same day as the drug test but yes niacin does work, the reason it works is becouse THC is stored in your fat cells and fat tissue and niacin cleans out your fat cells and fat tissue so who ever tells you it dont work is full of s*** and can shove that s*** up their a** and im not just someone saying what he thinks, I know this for a fact I was a heavy smoker for the last 5 years and have been on probation on and off for the last 4 years and never dropped dirty BUT niacin can only flush so much out of you so you gotta be carefull not to smoke to much or your f*** if your trying to clean your system fast I would recomend Goldenseal it works faster then niacin and both Goldenseal and Niacin are made to clean toxins out of your body and fat so YES they both work...if you dont beleave me do the research and find out for yourself...

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Absolutely not.

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