pregnency the pill plan b will it work after 72 hours?

the pill plan b. if you take it a couple hours after the 72 hours , will it still work?

Answer #1

All the plan b pill does is give you your period, even if its when your not supposed to have it. It causes all of your uterus lining to shed again hopefully shedding the fetus if you are pregnant. However, after 72 hours the fetus is usually embedded pretty well into the lining and there is a much smaller chance of uprooting it.

Answer #2

Most likely not. The pill says it’s good for “up to” 72 hours, so it may not even work within those 72 hours. The earlier the better, but there’s still a possibility that it may.

Answer #3

Maybe, maybe not. They DO tell you to take within 72hrs FOR A REASON.

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