How do you know which birth control pill will work the best?

Im going to go on the pill but how do you know which birth control pill will work the best? Is there like certin ones that work better? I need help

Answer #1

it depends on yur weight and age and height and the reason tyou are going on the Pill. if it is to lessen periods, I used kariva until I started to gain some weight. (but that only happens to some people) and on my next period I am starting Yaz. So there are a few names you could toss around with your doctor.

Answer #2

I agree with the above. You just need to go to your dr and they will let you know what is best. I myself suggest the IUD/Mirena (as that is what I have and I love it)

Answer #3

it’s all a matter of works best with your body… there’s the pill with both oestrogen and progesterone, and the mini pill without the oestrogen, there’s several types with different hormonal levels. You need to go to a doctor and try it out, there’s no one universal pill that works best with everyone…

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