How do I stop irritatin when shaving pubic hair, I'm male?

I am a male and shave all the pubic hair for health reasons but how can I stop the irritation I get between my legs after shaving that area?

Answer #1

After you shave any body hair, I would use hair conditioner. I shave my pubic area and I used to get the little red bumpy rash. So when I would shower I would shave in the shower after letting hot water soften the skin, and shave. I would wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, and found out that after my shower I didn’t have any shaving rash. Try shaving in the shower, and then rub condition over the area. Hope this helps.

Answer #2

Dude never use hair removal on your balls! just a warning.. you can really mess your boys up :P I found a balance for irritation but still looks pretty good. Get a good trimmer or w.e and trim it but never completely shave your pubes. I didn’t like the sparse prickly hairs on my scrotum so I shave that with a razor, just be careful and don’t shave too far to the sides or back on your gouch. You’ll have to try it a few time to find your ‘zone’ of this.

Answer #3

Well what is the health reason? And razors get too close for some people and cause a shaving rash or skin infection, you should change to using a beard remover cream or a good set of trimmers

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