What is more difficult geometry or algebra 2 ?

Answer #1

i’m taking algebra 2 this year, but i found geometry really easy. it depends if you like shapes (or you’re a visual learner) or if you like equations:). some of my friends said algebra 2 isnt too bad

Answer #2

i thought geometry was a lot harder, but that may be because i took geometry honors and algebra 2 regular, but i still think algebra is easier in general

Answer #3

I took algebra 2 last year i found geometry easier until i got lost in sign cosign and tangent, but while in algebra 2 i was struggling until i when in before class fro help on everything i didn’t understand paid more attention in class and did the homework right after school these all helped me i think that if you do all these things you find algebra 2 a lot easier then geometry.

Answer #4

Algebra was always easier for me, I didn’t understand geometry at all.

Answer #5

algebra 2!

Answer #6

Geometry is easy, if you know basic Algebra. And Algebra II comes after Geometry, so it’s more difficult. Geometry was a breeze. :/

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