Geometry or algebra?

Do you think geometry is hard..or is algebra harder? See im having a hard time on this and well I gotta make it thru to graduate…

Answer #1

I have the hardest time with goemetry, it’s harder for me to conceptualize shapes… with algebra you just do the math…

Answer #2

lol I hate math but if I were 2 choose, ill choose algebra.

Answer #3

I thought geometry was harder because I had a REALLY bad teacher who hated me because im white.

Answer #4

I think they’re both pretty easy… if you think those are hard, though… try calc. hah. now that is hard… I don’t know how I’m getting through that class.

Answer #5

I liked algebra better than geometry. I’m taking geometry right now but I rather do actually math than work with shapes.

Answer #6

lol, that sucks Try2understand.

I like algebra.

Answer #7

I like algebra way better than geometry.

Answer #8

uhh I don’t know they both suck … I hate math lol

Answer #9

I prefer geometry.

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