Chemistry test question help!

Why do most atoms form chemical bonds?

Answer #1

thanks.. that doesnt really help me so does anyone else have any answers to my question besides ichibanarky

Answer #2

Not really prepared then, are you?

You should always have your notes with you.

“As independent particles, they are at relatively high potential energy. Nature, however, favors arrangements in which potential energy is minimized. This means that most atoms are less stable existing by themselves than when they are combined. By bonding with each other, atoms decrease in potential energy, thereby creating more stable arrangements of matter”


Answer #3

It was taught to us but I do not remember.. I dont have any of my notes or books … that is why I am asking.

Answer #4

It can’t be on the test if it wasn’t taught to you…what about your notes? Don’t you take notes in class?

Answer #5

I dont have my text book

Answer #6

They bond so that they can be more stable - be it covalently or ionic.

Answer #7

What does your textbook say?

Answer #8

Most atoms do not have an outer full shell f electrosn and tehrefore they are not stable so they chemically bond with another atome ionically92 metals) or covalently (a metal and a non-metal) to become stable and have a full outer shell of electrons.

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