Is there a difference between cortical and adrenal stress?

Random question but Im supposed to give a lecture on stress next week for my class (basically, at postgrad the lecturers get lazy and instead of giving lectures, they make us take turns) and one of my lecturers gave us an example lecture which was also on stress. He told me that I should focus on the other kind of stress. I cant remember what kind of stress he talked about and to be honest, I dont know alot about stress. Two words come to mind. Adrenal and cortical. Whenever I try to look them up to find out if these were the two types of stress lecturer was talking about, it just comes up with both, they seem to be pretty interrelated. So Does anyone know, are cortical and adrenal actually different categories of stress? Or if not, any ideas? Im pretty sure one of them is definately adrenal and thats the one I am not supposed to talk about!

Answer #1

i dont no but i hopeyou find the answer

Answer #2

thanks! I might just have to ask my lecturer and admit i didnt really listen to his very interesting lecture…

Answer #3

Sorry, but I ave to step in here…WHY would you answer a question you didn’t know the answer to. It won’t get you points, and it really wastes time. Grrrrr

Answer #4

i dont no just trying to be kind

Answer #5

I would think adrenal stress would come from the adrenal glands, during a period of immediate threat….while cortical stress would come from everyday type stress…driving, working, kids, etc etc….constant stress.

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