What's the difference between a star sign and a zodiac sign?

Answer #1

same thing :) well in the western world it is. In china and some other asian contries thier zodiac is based on years not mnth so my husband is born in 1976 and he is a dragon i am born 1989 and I am a snake but it still has 12 signs but each signs goes by year unlike western culture were it goes by mnth

Answer #2

but cuz my husband is born in AUG he is a leo and Im born in Sep so i am a virgo. I hope i help cuz i confused the shiz outta me LOL~~!

Answer #3

Ohhh so year of the dragon, tiger etc. is zodiac and scorpio, libra etc. is star sign. I remember now. Thank you! :)

Answer #4

one is related to moremythology.. or greek theology.

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