Did my doctor give me wrong info about the Pill?

I just finished my period a few days ago & yesterday went & got my self “trycilen lo” birth control pill. my doctor told me i might not want to wait till my next period to start taking the birth control pills, she told me to just start them today at my choosen time. but i read on a web site that you should only use the sunday start (the sunday after your period) or the day 1 start. did my doctor give me wrong information? because i dont have my period now, it ended a few days ago. write back asap thnx.

Answer #1

Not really. Your doctor just gave you a piece of info that he felt was correct and technically it was. By starting after the end of your period you make it a little easier to control your cycle at that particular time of the month. By starting any other time then you change some things in your body and it just takes a little more time for the body to adjust. No big deal really.

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