Did Adam have a wife before Eve?

Did Adam have a wife before Eve?

Answer #1

yeah her name was stacy but she cheated on him with some black guy from atlanta and they ran off to vegas and started their own show at circus circus

Answer #2

Yeah, I think Tiffany was his first wife. But she never washed dishes or cleaned the garden and they always argued. Then she started hanging out with the snake and Adam kept getting jealous. When Tiffany would go to bed, he’d look through her blackberry to see who she had been texting. They had a really bad relationship, and Adam just couldn’t trust her. The giraffe kept trying to seduce him, but he heard about this really cute girl named Eve the next garden over, and decided to get with her. Tiffany flew off the handle and divorced him. She and Eve had a catfight at the Starbucks down the block, and Tiffany went off to start her own garden and her own bible. She tripped over some computer wires though and fell off a cliff. Adam and Eve were doing good until that same pesky snake kept trying to come between them. Finally Eve gave Adam an apple and told him to shut up.

Are you kidding me???

Of course Adam didn’t have a wife before Eve…have you ever read the bible? They were the first two people created.

Hope you enjoyed my sarcasm.


Answer #3

That is one option. In Gen 1: 27-28 the Bible says both man and woman were created and told to ‘fill’ the earth with their offspring. They were created together, at the same time and given the command. To me the answer to this question is in the question, “why was Eve cloned from Adam’s rib”?

The first possible answer is that Lilith was Adam’s first wife. And since she was defiant to both Adam and God, Eve was taken from Adam’s body so they would be ‘one flesh’ and eliminate the defiance.

The second possible answer, the one I subscribe to, is that there were two creations of man. The hominids were created in Gen 1: 27-28, and the creation of Adam in Gen. 2: 7-8. Let’s look at it what the Bible describes as happened.

The first creation was told to travel the Earth. While Adam was placed in a garden, a fenced in protected area called Eden and given a specific job; Gen 2:15.

Adam was made of dust. Eve was cloned from Adam’s rib. Why the difference unless there was a reason for it? In Gen 2: 18 (Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” RSV) Here clearly the original creation process(s) are/were over and Adam is alone. In 2: 21-22 It clearly describes a surgical operation, deep sleep, removal of the rib and closing of the flesh. It is my understanding that Adam was created specifically for the purpose of doing work for the Creator and not to procreate (Gen 2: 15 & 3:8). In 3:8 the implication is that the Creator left for a period of time and came back to enjoy his garden that Adam was supposed to care for. There is the implication that Eve was there to be help and company to Adam. There is no reference up to this point of them “knowing” each other in the Biblical sense.

If there was a Lilith and it didn’t work out, it would answer the reason why Eve was created differently and there is no mention of sexuality between them before the influence of the Serpent.

The reason I think there were two creations is because it answers a lot of unanswered questions in the Bible, including why Eve was cloned. In Gen 2: 18 it describes the desire to create a mate “ suitable or fit “ for Adam. The implication is that there were options available, but none were worthy. Seen in this light the question of who Cain married is answered. There are others but they are off topic for this thread.

Answer #4

bekkynixon, you said ‘Lillith is a lie with no firm grounding of evidence. It is used to try and discredit monogamy. ‘

Well, for argument’s sake: God is a lie because we have ‘no firm grounding of evidence’, and is used to try and discredit ‘sinning’, free thinking and just accept whatever some BOOK tells you to do. Like a sheep.

Answer #5

or incestory, mebbe? because they have the same blood… ewww…

Lilith existed, but the Catholic bastids who put the bible together decided that she was an abodimation; because she seduced Adam and I think introduced sex to Angels too… they decided with their sexist views that women shouldn’t be so free spirited [putting the seduction of the ‘devine’ Angels aside] and her appearing in the bible is against ‘God’s’ word… like all the other apostles’ stories which they either burnt, re-edited…

Therefore it’s safe to say that the bible is BIASED & is a blatant LIE to Christians everywhere.

Suckeths for them, I guess.

Answer #6

texaskimmie: Nicely done on the sarcasm. :-) If there wasnt a previous wife, how do you explain the way Eve came into existence? Why wouldnt she have been created just as Adam had?

Answer #7

whoever on this chain replied yes

can you send me a funmail and tell me what the story was I don’t want a bible passage or anything I just want a general sum up just because I’ve never heard that story before.

thanks =]

Answer #8

My parents are 40 they said adam did NOT have a wife before Eve and please tell me where in god’s crreation you got Lilith! I would like to hear that story!

Answer #9

In apocryphal Jewish texts and tradition, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. She is mentioned in the Talmud as having wings and long hair. She is associated with vampirism and the stealing of children.

All mention of her comes from extra-Biblical sources but there’s a lot out there to read.

Answer #10

Yeah, Lilith…

She was strong minded, and thought of herself as Adam’s equal. But Adam wanted a more subservient woman…

Answer #11

A recent program I saw stated that SOME biblical scholars say YES, and that her name was Lilith, and according to Genesis (paraphrased here from my memory) [man and woman were created from the earth] … and later … [woman was created from Adam’s rib] indicates that there were TWO women in Adam’s life. But most all references were removed by the early church. Lilith was too independent (the original feminist?) and became (was labelled?) a demon.

Just saying … Bye-bye

Answer #12

Okay, as much as I would love to copy and say what both Elone and ValiantPoison said, becasue they have such true and valid points; I doubt that it needs much repeating, so I’ll just summarize it once more, since I agree with them both completely.

Adam had a wife before Eve, her name was Lilith. Of course, as they were their God’s creations, like every other animal and being on Earth, it wasn’t long until they wanted to procureate, aka, have babies. But, while Having sex, Lilith wanted to top. But Adam didn’t want her to top. So she went and had demon kids and was cursed by God all because of a simple argument of different sexual positions. Hmm…now I’m oddly getting deja’vu. Breaking up and sleeping with someone else because of a stupid argument. Isn’t that one of the many cases that people have when dealing with adultry?

And that would make the sin of adultry here or there, wouldn’t it?

Hmm, I let youd infer what you want. Tell me how it works out for you. -.^

Answer #13

Yes, she was Lilith. Adam & her were created at the same time from the soil. She wanted to be an = to Adam but was denied so left him, she said God’s secrete name & ‘disapeared’. She was later found by an angel breeding with demons & producing their offspring, so she was band from ever going back to eden

Answer #14

Yes. Adam did originally have a first wife, her name was Lilith. Read this:

After God created Adam, who was alone, He said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ He then created a woman for Adam, from the earth, as He had created Adam himself, and called her Lilith. Adam and Lilith immediately began to fight. She said, ‘I will not lie below,’ and he said, ‘I will not lie beneath you, but only on top. For you are fit only to be in the bottom position, while I am to be the superior one.’ Lilith responded, ‘We are equal to each other inasmuch as we were both created from the earth.’ But they would not listen to one another. When Lilith saw this, she pronounced the Ineffable Name and flew away into the air.

Adam stood in prayer before his Creator: ‘Sovereign of the universe!’ he said, ‘the woman you gave me has run away.’ At once, the Holy One, blessed be He, sent these three angels Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof, to bring her back.

Said the Holy One to Adam, ‘If she agrees to come back, what is made is good. If not, she must permit one hundred of her children to die every day.’ The angels left God and pursued Lilith, whom they overtook in the midst of the sea, in the mighty waters wherein the Egyptians were destined to drown. They told her God’s word, but she did not wish to return. The angels said, ‘We shall drown you in the sea.’

‘Leave me!’ she said. ‘I was created only to cause sickness to infants. If the infant is male, I have dominion over him for eight days after his birth, and if female, for twenty days.’

When the angels heard Lilith’s words, they insisted she go back. But she swore to them by the name of the living and eternal God: ‘Whenever I see you or your names or your forms in an amulet, I will have no power over that infant.’ She also agreed to have one hundred of her children die every day. Accordingly, every day one hundred demons perish, and for the same reason, we write the angels’ names on the amulets of young children. When Lilith sees their names, she remembers her oath, and the child recovers.

And there you have it. Personally, I find this incredibly annoying. Adam and Lilith were created equal, but when the woman tried to take the missionary position during their lovemaking, she is told she must submit! How degrading this is to women… I roll my eyes skyward. So, of course when she doesn’t agree, the woman is cursed and considered demonic. And then, to make sure it doesn’t happen again, God creates Eve to be less than Lilith so that Adam gets everything he wants.

But, if you really think that this is a bunch of bull, look at the word ‘lullaby’. It can be broken down to literally mean ‘Lillith be gone!’

So, my conclusion is ‘Yes. Adam did have a wife before Eve. She was banned from paridise for refusing to submit to her consort and is now considered evil for her actions.’

Hope I helped you out!

(http://www.gnosis.org/lilith.htm is a pretty good site. I checked out. Just google ‘Lilith’. You’ll get several sites.)

Answer #15

you must have really disgusted him with your lack of bible knowledge - LOL, not hardly, your imagination is running wild, the answer is simply No. :-)

Answer #16

Yes, By what we would today call cloning

Answer #17


Answer #18

NO, they were like the first people. How would he have? So..nope.

Answer #19

The story of Lilith is one of th Jewish traditions


Answer #20

I also heard he had two women in his life too. But they banned her from the bible.

Answer #21

No he didn’t. God made Eve because Adam was lonely even after God made the animals.

Answer #22

Eve was created from adam’s rib.

Answer #23

Lillith is a lie with no firm grounding of evidence. It is used to try and discredit monogamy.

Answer #24

ofcourse no

Answer #25

adam 1st man eve 1st woman

adam have another wife before eve? I doubt it.

Answer #26

You would think since all Christians are technically ‘half-Jewish’ anyway, that they’d KNOW a little about these things… but NOOO.

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