is our country going to have a depression?

is our country going to have a depression?? that would be sooo scary!!!

Answer #1

A recession seems almost certain at this point - but recessions often aren’t much worse than a simple slowdown in economic growth. A depression in the 1920s sense, probably not - the average family is a lot better off now than in the ‘20s.

Answer #2

If by depression, you mean 10 years of 25% unemployment, soup lines, etc… no.

If you mean a year or two of economic reconfiguration, probably. The current crisis is more like the 70s than the 30s.

Rather than panic, realize that times like this are where once or twice in a lifetime opportunities are born.

Answer #3

yeah because of Bush being our president for the past 8 years we should all expect to die

LOL…that’s pretty dramatic…It took longer than 8 years of ignoring the writing on the wall to get us where we are today…

It gets tiring listening to people be so simplistic, and trying to blame ONE person for the crap that is happening today…PLENTY of people lined their pockets at our expense…Democrats as well as Repulicans…This may have been the most bi-partisian thing that they managed to do in the last 15 or 20 years…

Do some looking around…do some research…geez.

Answer #4

I would say there is a depression government is a joke they trying to establish a NWO its for all the wrong reasons

Answer #5

I wouldn’t doubt it - the world is well on its way.

Answer #6

we arent going into one we are in one!!

Answer #7

yeah because of Bush being our president for the past 8 years we should all expect to die

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