Would this country ever go back to the Ronald Reagan era?

Would this country ever go back to the Ronald Reagan era? It would be so lovely if republicans could go back to their conservative roots. I know that John MCaine is right on some things but, he’s deffenately not Ronald Reagan. So, in the future, maybe this could be years to come who knows, I was just wondering if the Ronald Reagan generation would ever be back?

Answer #1

Ronald reagan was the second worst president ever, Bush is number one.

Reagan allowed our government to overrun by corporate interest. We went from a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, to a governemt for sale to the highest bidder.

Answer #2

History will not be kind to ronnie. Yes, many like rickd, have their rose-colored-glasses view of the reagan years, but there is no doubt that almost every problem we face to day began during reagan, and has been put on steroids by bush. And he is not the reason for the soviet collapse. It collapsed under it own weight.

Answer #3

First of all,this is the Reagan era. Nothing has changed. This is the result of “supply side economics.”

That dick head made people believe there is a certain way you have to live.

Everybody has there own opinions and ways of life.

He’s like an American Hitler.

Answer #4

Ronald Reagan - what a horrible president. I hope we NEVER go back to that…

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