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Does the depo hurt. How deep does it go in?

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I was on the depo for a year or more

It didn't hurt in my opinion, but you will have VERY extremely painful periods after you get off the shot just so you know. They don't tell you this ahead of time either. Plus, most of the people I know who did depo gained weight while they were on the shot. I know I plumped up while on it. Also, if you do decide to take the shot, I would advise that you take calcium supplement as well or get enough calcium in your diet. You will drain you of calcium.

Goodluck :)

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if you mean the contraceptive injection, it doesn't matter how far it goes in. it is a muscular injection, so yes, it goes deeper than most normal ones...

however, it hurts for about 0.5 seconds...I've had it loads, it's normally done in the buttocks, and done standing up, honestly, it's fine...may be a tiny tiny but tender after for a few hours...but thats it...much less pain than labour!!

Is this the Depo Shot?

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