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What are the pro's and con's to the depo shot?

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I have been off of the shot for a year and some months. I was on it for a little less than a year. When I first started taking it, it was good. But on my third round of getting the shot. I started noticing that I was gaining extra weight.(Mind you I was already working out twice a day and eating right) I just broke up with my boyfriend of three/four years around that time. That really took a toll on me as far as depression. Since that third round of shot and now I gained about 50 lbs which I wish so badly I can rip off of my body but cant. I have been working out everyday for two hours but still no change till this very day. I also broke out on my face, especially under my chin ( with extra hair growing underneath those bumps,,,disgusting huh). I have been really depressed to the point where I would get migraines. I became very moody than normal and extremely emotional. Everyone has different side effects but that is what I experienced. I will post my story every site possible so that anyone who needs to know about this shot will know what it did to me.

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You dont have to remember to take a pill daily.
Effective after 24 hours.
Women can start Depo Provera 6 weeks after giving birth.


Weight Gain (really common)
It's known to make depression worse if you are depressed
Does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS
Requires injections every 3 months
Can take up to a year to get pregnant after getting off the shot
Some women experience break out from the shot

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im on depo and I can honestly say its the best thing that ever happened to me

I havnt gained any weight and it hasnt caused any depression

it has improved my skin and I dont have to worry about taking the pill everyday like I used to

Whats a depo shot?

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