Deploying to Afghanistan (AGAIN)

Hey guys I am getting ready to deploy back out with my military unit. Anyone out there deployed to Camp Bagram before? if so how was it, I have never been to that FoB but I hear good things about it. Any info? Wish me luck :-)

Answer #1

Thanks for serving your country :) We appreciate it.

Answer #2

Good luck From what I heard and seen and from my cousin hes been its pretty ruff but not to bad good luck

Answer #3

Best luck to you, jb002..

Stay safe!

Answer #4

Good luck,, I wish you well && hope you return safely,, =]

Answer #5

Never to Bagram I have been in Iraq once and Afghanistan 1 time as well

Answer #6

Thank you Munatimon :-) I appreciate it

Answer #7

Really? that is cooL! Are you firmiliar with Camp Bagram or where it is at?

Answer #8

أنت تتكلّم العربية ؟

Answer #9

أين تكون أنت من ؟

Answer #10

The seem to keep sending me! Lol I am an 09L as my MoS basicly I am a Linguist so the Army teaches me languages in Schools and I am a glorified translator so they keep sending me to The middle east because I speak arabic

Answer #11

hey wishing you a safe journey over there… currently our aussie troops are deployed there too…goodluck and God Blessed xxx

Answer #12

Thank you all for the kind words :-) and I was actually in Austrailia last weekend!!! man I am jealeous of your guys beaches! SO NICE!

Answer #13

Of course we have the best beaches in Oz …wish the weather was summer 365 days of the year :-P …Winter in Melbourne is freezing arhhh

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