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M16 or AK-47

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Recently, someone in my college history class started going on about how the Ak-47 was the best gun in the world, though he was quickly silenced by the professor. I want to know what you think, and why.

I think the M16 is the superior weapon. While I do agree different guns are appropriate for different situations, the M16 and AK-47 are both designed for the General Infantry role, in which I believe the M16 performs better. While the M16 has overall less penetrating power at long ranges, it is significantly more accurate, both due to the superior design and quality of its ammunition, and because of the weapon's more user-friendly design. One doesn't have to twist half of their body to look down the sights.

The AK-47 is a bit more versatile, in the respect that almost nothing jams it, but improvements were made on the M16 in its earliest stage of use, and is only slightly more jam-prone than the AK-47. The AK-47, let's be honest, can't hit a dang thing. There's a reason that it's Automatic/Semi on the 47's selector switch, and not Semi/Auto(or burst) on an M16. Its because the AK-47 has to spit out dozens of bullets to take down a single target. And if there's someone out there at 100, 150 yards? Forget it. But the nice thing about an M16 is that an average marksman could make that shot with just the iron sights. If he had enhanced optics, he could effectively hit targets out to 600 meters, so long as he took the drop into account. 800 if he's using a DMR(Designated Marksman) version.

Now, this is strictly M16(M16A1, A2, and A4) and the AK-47. If you want to argue the M4, HK416, the AK-74s, or the AK-100 series, please make another thread.