Demon-like dream

ok, I had this dream and it was a weird dream but their was nothing evil about it and then I heard this girl talking. She said that she had a dream about some demon looking thing and their was umm and ace card or whatever that card is that has something o do with the devil. And then after that I went on with my dream and then all of a sudden I looked at my little sister and around her eye just on the edges and a lil down was all black and she was staring at me. And I just knew it wasnt her looking at me it was a demon. It was scary enough that I was able to end my dream right there. What does this mean because right now im sitting in a dark room and wont go back to sleep. Oh and also my little sister was in my whole dream cause we were playing with horseys and stuff lol. But then boom it was evil.

Answer #1

update* well I got the guts to go back to sleep… Horrible mistake because the dream got worse. I would explain but it was so terrifying.

Answer #2

I have been haveing dreams about murder and gore since I was 4 years old I dont think that is very scary…

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