How do you define the term evil?

this is a question my english teacher asked me, and I got so carried away and had to much fun answering it. personally I think it means something is dark, cold, and pessimistic. most of my classmates labeled it as something that harms others, but I thought that it doesnt always have to have a physical affect on other figures. I wanna know what you think (:

Answer #1

Evil is the absence of Good, Just like coldness is the absence of heat, and darkness is the absence of light! Coldness, darkness, and evil are just words describing the absence of something. I believe that all good comes from God and evil is the absence of God.

Answer #2

M. Scott Peck attempted to define evil in his book “People of the Lie”. Pretty much he defined it as anything that takes life or takes away the quality of life. If I remember correctly it is about 3 case studies during his career of counseling people. If you are really interested in the subject it is worth reading. It is very depressing. Just briefly, one case study is about parents who bought their oldest son a gun. The son commits suicide with the gun. They then buy their other son a gun also. Needless to say the younger son was conflicted as to the message his parents were sending him. Peck sees the parents as being evil.

Answer #3

Evil is the opposite of good. Meaning there’s nothing good about Evil. It could cause destruction, harm others, has a dark meaning to it.

Answer #4

its whats bad in the world, but I dont think it has anything to do with hell cause I dont believe in hell

Answer #5

Anything that you hate is evil. If you don’t like it, it must be evil. If you do like it, then it’s not.

Answer #6

A friend of mine put this quote up the other day, and I find that I completely agree with it. something along the lines of, “There is no good or evil, there are only means and ends” I don’t think there is a definite term for ‘good’, ‘evil’, ‘right’, and ‘wrong’.

Answer #7

lol your thought on it sound like me :P

but seriously

I think it like a shadow. it creep up . and it very dark. it make it way inside you messing with you mind. driving you insane. and harm you to

lolll man ill stop there or ill be here all day XD

Answer #8

Evil is just a word.

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