What do you think about declawing cats?

I’m not declawing my cat, but what are your thoughts about this?

Answer #1

I think it’s inhumane. Its born the way it is, declawing should be banned. Their claws are actually closely attached to their bones . So to remove the claws, will have to result in taking out the bone. This is like a surgery and it’s NOT necessary for a poor cat to go through that pain. They have feelings too and should be treated with respect. It also takes away the rights of a cat hunting for it’s prey or protecting itself. Declawing is a no. Period.

Answer #2

For medical purposes - yes. My cat has claws that grow into curled talons, and although we clip them often, she still gets stuck and hung up on furniture and other things and can’t get down on her own. The tips that you can buy to cover the claws don’t fit over her nails because of the way they curl, so the only humane thing to do in this case is to have the claws removed. Sometimes it’s better to have it done, than to worry every time you leave the house that your cat is going to get stuck on the curtains and end up hanging there for hours until you get home. For the sake of protecting your furniture - no…I have 12 cats and they take precedence over the condition of my furniture…a little persistence goes a long way in teaching your cat what they can and can’t scratch.

Answer #3

Wow. Twelve cats. Respect to you!

Answer #4

I think it should only be done for medical reasons. It is extremely painful for the cat and in my opinion if someone is more concerned over their furniture than their cat they should not have one.

Answer #5

I honestly think there needs to be a medical reason for doing it. I want to point out though that many people have no clue really what it means, especially if they’ve never had a cat. When i was first adopting my cat, I didnt think it was a big deal. The lady who was fostering her had all these questions (that I probably flunked now that I think about it and for some reason she still gave her to me). And I learned to care for her as I went. I think people need to be taught what it really means.

Answer #6

I think its fine especially if you have little kids around or if you dont want your furniture ruined. My cat is declawed and shes fine.

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