What is the general cost for having a cat declawed?

I’ve never had a cat declawed, as I find it inhumane, but I have one cat whose claws grow into hooks. Even when we trim them, she isn’t able to retract them, and she often gets “hung up” on furniture and we have to wiggle her claws out to get her down. I worry when we go out sometimes, that she’ll get stuck and left hanging until we get home. So, I think this is a case where it might be more humane to actually have it done.

Answer #1

I got my cats done for 45 dollars but that’s provideing they have all thr shots, which I’m sure ur cats do, and they do keep them overnight

Answer #2

That’s not too bad at all…I can’t imagine it being extremely different over here

Answer #3

Nope not bad at all and its stops them from getting stuck and saves ur furniture

Answer #4

Only $45?? Wow! thats really cheap, I would of thought it would be a couple of hundred.

Colleen - I totally agree that declawing is inhumane. In my opinion the practice should be illegal, other than for health reason. Its much like the cropping/docking of dogs ears and tails.(Which is illegal in the UK, but not in North America). That being said, my last cat could not retract her nails and hurt her self constantly getting them stuck in stuff. As painful as declawing is for a cat, I have to agree that it is the lesser pain. If the cat gets her claws stuck and actually rips one out that would be horrible.

Answer #5

Thank you…it was a tough decision for me. I have 12 cats, and they’re like my children

Answer #6

Yep 45 dollars, I thought it wud have been more money to but when I called that’s wat they said, and my cats kept gettin stuck on the coach and carpet so I thought it best to get them declawed, had they not kept gettin stuck I wudnt have done it cuz it is kinda painful for the cat, they r in pain after the surgery for a few days

Answer #7

That’s a lot of kitties, as long as thr taken care of its ok, here in the US we can’t have more than 7 animals without a paper saying u can have more than that

Answer #8

There are no pet bylaws in the village where I live, but if the animals aren’t being properly cared for, they will come in and take them away

Answer #9

That’s good they have someone to take the animals when thr not cared for correctly, as long as u can take care of the pets I think u shud be able to have as many as u like

Answer #10

Wow I paid $350 each. I feel so ripped off. Well, I had it done with laser because it is suppose to be less painfull and they were both up and playing in 2 days. I have never declawed any of my cats either but I had to do it this time as well. Don’t feel bad Colleen, sometimes it is ok.

Answer #11

When we used to have a cat, instead of getting her declawed…we decided to get nail caps. They are little plastic caps that the vet puts on their nails. They are rounded, and smooth…plus they are non-toxic and comfortable. We found this alternative cheaper, and more humane.

I recommend trying those first, then if for some reason they don’t work out…you can get him/her declawed.

I’m not sure exactly how much it costs to get them declawed, so I would just call your local vet and ask them how much it would be.

Answer #12

I’ve seen the nail caps, but they won’t fit on her because of the way her claws hook. They curl right over….even when we trim them, they’e still badly hooked, and we trim them often, or they’ll grow right into the pads of her feet.

Answer #13

Ah, I see. Well, in that case…you have no choice but to have her declawed. At least you have a good reason. :] If you call your local vet, they should tell you exactly how much it will cost…or at least give you an approximate cost. The cost may depend on how easy or hard it is to remove the cats claws.

Answer #14

I’m not sure how much it will cost, but if her claws are becoming a hazard to her, I think it is best to have them removed. She could end up getting stuck somewhere without you nearby to help, and panic and try to get free, and she could rip a claw or two out and bleed out. You should maybe talk to your vet- there might be other options.

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