When/ should I get my cat declawed before I have my baby?

I’m almost two weeks pregnant and I’m moving into an apartment at the end of february. I was going to bring my cat with me, since my mom had said that she was going to put her outside when the wether got nice anyways. I know my cat will get hurt/lost so I want to take her with me. she’s a little playfull sometimes and uses her claws quite often to climb on my shoulders. I’m worried she might use her claws on my baby when she’s born, so should I get my cat declawed before I have my baby?

Answer #1

animals are very smart when it comes to instincts. honestly, I think your cat will understand that your infant is a baby and its parental instincts will kick in. the claw covers really do sound like the better option if you really feel like you need to protect your child. heres what I think, pre order the covers, and when the baby comes, introduce your cat to the baby. watch carefully for any worrying behavior, and give your cat a few days to get used to the fact that theres another, very tiny, family member. you should always watch your animals around small children anyways, but if you think the worst about your pet, use the covers :) that should do the trick. hope I helped, and I think you did the right thing, bringin your cat with u, the outside world is very dangerous to felines. 3 of my previous outdoor cats were hit by cars, and it crushed me. no more out door cats for me. have a great day, and I wish you and your whole family {pets included} the best of luck!!

Answer #2

Go with the claw covers…they’re cheap. It leaves the cat some options, if anything else in your life changes (which it very likely could do in a cat lifetime…14 to 20 years)…


Answer #3

Just be aware that many cats develop biting habits after being declawed. Once you declaw them, thats the only defense they have left. You may want to just buy those little plastic covers that are glued onto the claws. Its a lot less painful for the kitty, and you won’t have to worry about the cat scratching your child. Its more humane, and less likely that your cat will develop a nasty biting habit. Both sides win! Hope this helps!

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