How do you deal with Jealous people?

Answer #1

lol my computer is messed up i clicked submit once and it kept on clicking my bad :P

Answer #2

for e.x :Friends…you can’t directly tell them YOU ARE JEALOUS OF ME right? I’m not comfortable with jealous friends around me..

Answer #3

I do not know, and people will always be jealous to a point, it is just human nature.

Answer #4

You ignore them.

Answer #5

It’s fine =)

Answer #6

Unfortunately there is not alot you can do to change someone else emotions and attitude. You can choose to simply ignore or not associate with the person anymore.

Answer #7

You keep on going in your life. Jealous people are everywhere, they are like little obstacles that we need to face. They are always going to be there. You cant control peoples actions, so just move on, be who you are, and be done with it.

Answer #8

you tell them to stiop being a pathetic little child and to grow up and ask their age.

Answer #9

I agree with Patricia. You can’t really ignore a jealous person. They are going to do whatever they want, considering they have a jealousy issue. Best thing to do is to just ignore that person for the time being.

Answer #10

jealous people are always gonna be a part of your life; just like nice people, and people who are meant to be apart of your life. you have to be cautious also of the people you hang around too because sometimes the most jealous people in your life are the ones that tend to remain to the most close to you. Honestly, theres no definite way to deal with jealous people. The best thing you can do is try to avoid those type of people, and don’t use the word “friend” so loosly. Trust me, i knw from experience how jealous people are. I struggle with dealing with them everyday. Jealous people cant stand to see you doing good or looking good, or never in a bad mood. misery needs company. jealous people are miserable. they will try to bring you down to where they are like lobsters in a barrel. but dont allow them to. just continue to be you, never let them knw that they get to you, and the best revenge is success..well i hope i helped. :)

Answer #11

I cannot let someone elses emotions have that much effect on me.

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