Answer #1

ignore their low standards and idiocy and steer clear of them. Don’t give them attention and tell your friends to keep away from her/them. Don’t be friendly either, it is a terrible mistake. :o

Answer #2

You guys suck, hood rats are people too and you’re name for them just pisses them off..

Answer #3

they dont care as long as they get attention.

Answer #4

How do we know we’re classifying the right people all the time? Not every ‘hood rat’ is a greasy, d r ug addict who’d infect your way of life every time you left the house. Like that greasy girl dressed like a wh ore on the street you so close mindedly pointed at and said “wow she’s disgusting.” Oh my god! You didn’t know! That’s her sexual abuse, she’s getting sold against her will cause what she ran from at home she came face to face with outside and no one reaches a goddamn hand out to anyone of them because WE DON’T KNOW THEIR STORY, we dont know if they’re good people or not. and you are the type to assume they’re out there to make life h ell for you, not because they’re life’s are hell and they have next to f ucking nothing so they wallow in homeless anger and miss their mothers.

Answer #5

When I say “hood rat” I don’t mean every girl in the hood.. I mean girls that come up to me, talking crazy at me coming at me, cause she thinks I want her man.. Girls when I try to reason with her she yells and doesn’t calm down.. She’s making a scene and doesn’t care that she’s embarrassing herself.. That’s a “hood rat”..

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