How can I deal with the fact my cat is going to die soon?

This may sound absolutely dumb but i’ve had my cat sense my 5th birthday and he is genuinely like a child to me. He’s nearing the end and it’s very obvious. I truly dont know how to cope with the fact he’s going to pass soon. Any advice?

Answer #1

it’s understand able to why you would be so upset. and it wont be easy to deal with at first cause he means so much to you, but after time you will learn to expect that has happened. it’s not easy but I guess in a way it’s not meant to be. but when it does happen try to look past the bad parts and look at it in a good way, he lived a long and happy life with you he will pass as a happy cat. and he will be in a good place after it. just remember all the good times you had with him. and it will make things a bit better. hope this helps. and sorry to hear

Answer #2

Do You Have Lots Of Pictures Of Your Cat? You Can Make A Photo Album Of Your Cat. By Putting Lots Of Pictures Of Him In The Big Album .. It Will Be Full Of Wonderful Memories.. Does That Help? Take A Wonderful Picture Of Your Cat That You Have. And Make It An 8 By 10 Picture.. Put It In A Frame .. By Your Bed..I Had A Cat for 16 Years.. He Passed Of Old Age. He Had A Long Life. He Was Your Baby.. I Know What That Is Like. Puffy.. Is In A Photo Album Full Of Pictures

Answer #3

my cat is older than me!! she is going to be 20 this year

Answer #4

My cat is apperantly not going to make it much longer though….

Answer #5

Say goodbye. I’d suggest watching the movie Tuesday’s With Morrie.

Answer #6

I know how you feel, I have a cat that I love to death too. Even though he is just a pet he’s like my baby. There’s no real way to brace yourself for something like losing a child. Essentially, in every sense that matters he is your child. Just remember the good times and keep him in ur heart</3

Answer #7

AWWWWWWWW ummmmmm do whatever u can trust me pary everyday!

Answer #8

Grieve when he’s actually passed, make the most of the fact that he is still with you for the time being. Stroke/pet him and spend as much time with him as possible, he will appreciate it :) Perhaps lay him on your lap and watch a film, this way you can keep him warm (helping him), and also you will feel comforted that he’s still there with you. You will most likely want your last memories of spending time with him to be happy so that he can pass contently. When it does finally happen, (though you will undoubtedly be so so so upset) it will give you some kind of reassurance to know that you gave him such a good life and kept him as happy as possible right to the end. You’ve been there for him since you were 5, you’ve cared for him his whole life. You cannot forget something that special. ^-^

Answer #9

My gf’s 12 year old sister stepped on her pet kitten by accident and she was devastated and still is. Everyone tried to console her but she feels God is gonna punish her for killing her kitty :( It’s been a while since I last lost a pet, no fun going through that process. Take care Mackenzie.

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