What do you think of people who take naked children photos and label it art?

I call them sick, I don’t think you can put a label of art on it and make it right.

Answer #1

Yep I label it ped*file

Answer #2

I’ve never heard of people doing this, but I agree with you. That’s messed up on so many levels…

Answer #3

I have not seen any photos like this.

Answer #4

i think its absolutely disgusting and people who do it should be locked up for years.

Answer #5

I have never heard such thing being labeled art to tell you the truth. If this is happening, it has got to stop, is another way for pe.dofiles to take pictures of kids and it being ok. Naked kids should never be around as ‘art’

Answer #6

I think its gross…

Answer #7

Ok, I don’t think it HAS to be the work of p.edophiles when a naked photo of a child is taken. Granted, it would need to have some rules, but I think there are exceptions, take the Nevermind album by Nirvana for example. The cover is a naked baby in water, but to me, it’s art. I’m not a p.edophile, or anything like that, but the human body is one of natures works of art on it’s own, despite what people think. It’s people who make it something sick, it’s when people think sexually or disgustingly towards small children that makes it wrong. There shouldn’t be any photos of children acting sexually, or posing for adults, or anything like that, but as I said before, I think there are exceptions.

Answer #8

I think it depends on the nature of the photos. If its in any way sexual than that its disgusting. Nudity doesnt have to be sexual though - my mother has photos of my siblings in the bath etc and I think they are lovely and innocent. The problem is though, that even if the nature of the photos is innocent, there are sick people who will see something different in them. So I dont think an innocent photo of a naked child is bad, but unfortunately there are people who will turn it into a sexual thing, and for that reason I certainly wouldnt want naked photos of children on display as art.

Answer #9


Answer #10

I think it is horrible and you should just fall off the face of the earth. Now if you take a picture of a baby in the bathtub or have professional pictures, like my mom has of me but even then you see nothing, its different cause your creating a memory not intended to be harmful and is innocent.

Answer #11

Its hard to say without seeing an example as to how i feel about it. It all depends on the nature of the pictures that are taken. Of course the childs genitals shouldnt be on display, the poses shouldn’t be sexual or mature, etc. However, there are tons of mothers who have professional artistic photos of their children taken nude - and i see no problem with those. Our children come into this world naked and i see no harm in having tasteful artistic photos done of our babies in their natural state. There are also tons of artistic photos and posters that are sold with nude babies and baby bottoms showing and its completely non-sexual. You can’t control what a ped.ophile gets off too…they can just as easily look at photos of peoples children in swim suits or clothing and get off.

Answer #12

Yes I am not talking about parents taking pictures of their kids in the bath, I am talking about people who take pictures of kids and post them that have no relation to that child. The reason I bring it up is I saw something on how people are making money off what they are calling art, but they are pushing the limits catering to the sickos out their.

Answer #13

No, I know, I am just using that as an example of the difference between an ok naked photo, and disgusting sexual images. Ideally, the kids in the bath type photos should be able to be shown in public, but due to sick people turning it into something sexual, its not really appropriate. Though I dont think its good for parents to be exploiting their children for money, whether it involves inappropriate images or not.

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