How do you tell your mom to let you be goth?

How do you tell your mom to let you be goth?

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u cant really tell your mom two let you be goth. the easyiest way to do it is tell her that your a teenager and that teenagers go through phases. let her think that it’s just a “phase” your going throw. eventually and when enough time has passed she’ll probably relize for herself that its not a phase that you going through. you can also use the method of telling her that you are its just apart of you and she’s just going to have to except it. which is probably the worse method and almost always ends with a screaming match.

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Why would you want to be “goth?” No one will take you seriously.

You don’t tell your mom. You wait to do all that when you’re 18.

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I have tried to tell my mom that I’m a emo/goth/punk chick but she just dont listent to I just say what ever Mom you be that way and I just walk away

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my way of telling her was I shaved off my hair into a mohawk and said listen up your gonna listen to me I’m tired of all this pink crap and walked away and she was like she’s kidding me right?

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you have to understand that parents have concerns about you because everything they do reflects upon you right? for instance, if you’re mom made a fool out of herself in public when you’re there, it would be embarassing for you as well, right? well, its the same for her. she doesn’t want you to make mistakes and she is trying to guide you in the right direction for your life. some parents are more strict then others, but reassure your mom that you know that she is worried about you, but you don’t do anything stupid. and if she doesn’t let you, just realize that she’s doing it with the best intentions. just dont bite the hand that feeds you.

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Well, I’ve never really heard of someone just waking up and saying, “Mom can I be goth?”’s mainly a way of life for some kids. They just normally dress that’s not like you go out shopping to get “goth clothes” or anything, its a gradual thing. So the fact that you want to make a quick change, makes me think it might just be a phase and you are wanting to just try it out. Give it some time.

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sigh i dunno, i’ve tried 2 tell my mom so many times but she won’t listen…

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Allow them to read this article, more specifically, the last paragraph for your parents. I hope it helps.

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If you are truly interested in the scene, then please read more than just that page, but rather throughout the blog to get a better idea of what Goth really is.

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