What if my mom won't let me enter in the talent show?

I love singing it;s my passion. but my mom won’t let me enter she said if I did she would ground me until I’m 18. She won’t let me enter because my teachers telling her lies about me. I’m dead serious. I was crying 2day. She pointed it out 2 the class, then she said I was faking, because she said something that reminded me of the past. So she told my mom I was talking. I really wanna enter in the talent show. What do I do.

Answer #1

report the teacher

Answer #2

first if you already didnt tell her that the teacher was lieing do so. I dont know how she will take it but she will know or atleast she will kinda know???:D but anyways just try and convince her that your ready to do this it is a good opportunity to let people hear your singing.

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