Why does my mom still tries to tell me what to do?

So I met my boyfriend at college but now its summer and I want to visit him. He live 4 hours away from me and I was planning on visiting him in a few weeks for like the day or 2. When I told my mom the exact day she was like what! No! You cant go! Blah blah blah but 2 weeks ago she told me yes apparently she wasn’t thinking when I asked her the first time. I’m sick of my mom telling me what to do I am 20 years old! How do I convince her to let me go. Btw he lives in an apartment with 2 other guys I know the other guys and my parents met my boyfriend once before

Answer #1

iif I was you I would just walk outt,,because at 18 your free to do what ever and you over 18 so you dont have to listen to your mom and dad:p

Answer #2

Um… you’re 20… just go, you don’t need permission at all, no matter if they think you do or not.

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