What are the dangers of calphalon cookware?

I know the dangers of teflon but i’m curious if there are the same risks with calphalon, I bought a pan at a garage sale for 5 dollars and am curious if it’s even safe to use.

Answer #1

Calphalon is annodized aluminum rather than being teflon coated.

I never really thought much of Calphalon cookware though. I have to use just as much fat to keep food from sticking to it as I do plain stainless steel pans.

Something I have discovered is Scanpans. These have a hard ceramic coating that works similarly to teflon though not quite as well. You can use metal utensils and they are expensive but are supposed to last forever. In my experience they really don’t last forever but Scanpan has replaced every pan of mine that went bad. They are expensive but sometimes you can find one size of pan on sale to get people to try them; I got a few of my pans that way.

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