Is it dangerous to get pregnant 2 days after giving birth?

is it dangerous to get pregnant right after having a baby like 2 days after having a baby!!! and if its dangerous what can happen.

Answer #1

who would want sex stright after having a baby you bleed for 4-5 weeks anyway but I know you can get preg after that use contaception pls.

Answer #2

I dont know if that could actually happen but my friends mum did get pregnant with twins that were concieved 3 weeks apart … Wierd or what.

Answer #3

You can definitely become pregnant again. (also didn’t it hurt?!?! ow)

Having sex so soon after childbirth can cause infections because you are still healing. As far as there being a danger to you and a new baby I don’t think so.

If I were you I would contact the hospital or doctor that did your birth and ask them.

xox SIka

Answer #4

dont you have to wait 6 weeks for it to fully heal…

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