My fingernail is black, is it dangerous?

Somthing heavy fell on my fingernail and now its black ?is it dangerous

Answer #1

It is probably just a bruise. My friend had that for a couple of months before it went away. Ofcourse her brother and fiance are both doctors and they both checked it out, so she knew she was fine. If it continues hurting you may want to get it checked out.

Answer #2

that might be the blood from underneath your fingernail…last year I slammed mine in a locker and it bled beneath it, but urs might jus be a bruise, but if its real bad your fingernail could fall off

Answer #3

Yeah, it’s probably just a bruised fingernail. If it continues to be black for over 2 months I would get it checked out. But otherwise that’s just normal. I get bruised fingernails all the time.

Answer #4

No, It will grow out. All you have to do is give it some time. In some cases, the nail may fall off but its no worry.

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