I lied at the counselor but I really do need help

ok, so I went to a counsler, I had all these big answers prepared for her (that were true) to make it easier to come out with things, and when she asked me the questions I lied. I really tried not to, just at last second I lied my butt off, and I truly do need the help, so what can I do?

Answer #1

Since you say that you lied to your counslor, then she probably doesn’t want to help you anymore. But, give her another chance and, the next time if there is a next time, try to be more honest. Don’t worry, your counselor won’t get mad so, I would go bac to him or her and tell him or her how you feel.

Answer #2

I am not assuming anything so please don’t think I am ok :) But I would have to say that if you truly want help then you would NOT lie to her. You can not expect someone to help you if do not tell the truth.

Answer #3

I know how it is trying to express yourself and some times it is really hard. I was recently in a situation like this (instead it had nothing to do with a consler)…basically if you cant talk 2 her, try writing her a letter,explaining what you lied about and tell the truth. If you decide that writing a letter works out better than you guys should decide to alter verbal conversations to letters.

Answer #4

It takes a while to get comfortable with a counselor, and after a few more sessions you will have built up more of a rapport. A good therapist will make you feel comfortable enough not to have to lie about things, and further, an excellent one will probably catch you in your lies anyway :) Just relax a bit more and as it becomes conversational, I think you’ll find yourself opening up a bit more, and retracting some of the untruths you’ve told.

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