Need help really bad!!!

Ok, I’ve only smoked my good friend mary jane “once!” what can I do to clean my system of marijuana for a drug test I may have in three weeks?

Answer #1

the only way you can clean your self of mary jane iz to -drink 2 shots of viniger -or drink the detox drink at the smoke shop around your area -becauze it stayz in your system for a month 1/2 and those are the only things you can do trust me…so pray for a miracal

Answer #2

mary jane stays in your system for a month… and if you never smoked before and youve only smoked once it will get out of your system pretty quickly deffinitly drink lots of water I mean a lot! not just 5 glasses of water I mean even drink it while your sleeping(not technically) but you get the point… you should be fine… goodluck.

Answer #3

u cant I dont think

Answer #4

I think you have to drink a lot of water

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