What do you call it when you need help?

Uhm lol stupid question but..waats it called to go get professional help for like cutting urself, or being bulimiic, or being relle depressed. Counselor? Therapy?

Answer #1

The person is a psychiatrist, it’s called psychiatric help or psychiatric therapy.

Answer #2

I dont know if there’s an exact word when you need help, it just means you have a mental disorder and need therapy…

Answer #3

haha dude I saw this question and I was like I ahve the same question hahahaha lmao sry pleaseee people answerrr I neeeda know tooo

Answer #4

sounds like you are emo- its called therapy

Answer #5


Answer #6

yea girl, see a psychiatrist. think I need to do the same. I used to never be the way I am now and its getting out of control!

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